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4 Fire Damage Restoration FAQ You Need to Know February 8, 2018

Lake Havasu City, Mohave
4 Fire Damage Restoration FAQ You Need to Know, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

The road to recovery after a fire can be long and steep, but with proper fire damage restoration, it doesn’t have to be. This process helps salvage the damage and ensures your home is habitable again. However, not everyone has a keen grasp on how fire restoration works. To help you understand this better, here are four answers to the most frequently asked questions.

4 Common FAQ About Fire Damage Restoration

1. Is My Property Safe After a Fire?

The fallout from every fire is different. To determine whether a property is safe to inhabit afterward, you'll need to hire a licensed inspector. They will carry out a professional investigation and decide how safe it is. 

2. Can I Do Fire Restoration Myself?fire damage restoration

Yes, but with a handful of major limitations. In the vast majority of cases, individuals lack the expertise and equipment needed to launch a fully successful cleanup. 

3. Will My Home or Apartment Still Smell Like Smoke? 

No, not if you hire a professional with the right set of equipment. Fire restoration experts are equipped with state-of-the-art gear capable of finding and trapping minuscule smoke particles that would otherwise be undetectable. They will banish the smell of smoke in your home for good. 

4. Do Restoration Services Take Insurance?

In most cases, fire restoration companies will accept insurance. However, you’ll need to ensure your agency provides coverage for these hazards, as not all of them do.


Mohave Cleaning and Restoration, LLC is Lake Havasu City, AZ’s most trusted choice when it comes to dependable, professional fire cleanup. In addition to fire damage restoration, they handle everything from mold removal and emergency water damage to dehumidification jobs. Visit the team's website to read some of their customer testimonials, or call them directly at (888) 605-6360. 

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