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Styles to Consider While Shopping for a Garage Door February 12, 2018

Knoxville, Knox
Styles to Consider While Shopping for a Garage Door , Knoxville, Illinois

When you’re searching for a new garage door, it’s worth considering more than just functionality. As a front-facing piece of your property, the structure will play a significant role in how visitors view your home. To get a sense of what your options are when it comes to new garage doors, it’s helpful to consult with a specialist from Howe Overhead Doors in Knoxville, IL. Below, they share some of the most popular styles.

Your Options for Buying a New Garage Door

1. Raised Panel

new garage doorThe most popular and classic type of garage door is known as a “raised panel” style. The name comes from the series of horizontal panels lining the exterior of the door. Instead of having a completely flat and undifferentiated door, the panels add texture. Usually on top are longer panels that are transparent to provide a window-like amenity. You can find these doors in anything from fiberglass to steel.

2. Carriage Doors

For residents more interested in a historical appearance for their garage doors, the carriage style continues to prove itself as an elegant option. Inspired by the doors on carriage houses, these structures have the capability of being opened outwardly from the center instead of the typical roll up from the bottom. With some curve in the design, there can be a warmer or more inviting feel that is part of the aesthetic. 

3. Modern Style

In recent years, a more modern style has also emerged that has an emphasis on minimalist design, along with smooth geometry. For residents who want to go a bit off the beaten path and truly make their own mark, there is a wide range of modern approaches using specialized glass or other optimized materials. 

For an outstanding selection of new garage doors, head over to Howe Overhead Doors. You can also receive help if you need a garage door repair. Speak to a friendly sales representative by calling (309) 289-2211. Learn more about the company by visiting the website

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