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Why Everyone Needs Final Expenses Insurance February 6, 2018

Tremonton, Box Elder
Why Everyone Needs Final Expenses Insurance, Tremonton, Utah

No one likes thinking about their own death, especially the impact it’ll have on their family. However, planning ahead can spare your loved ones a lot of financial stress so they can focus on comforting each other. Because it covers all of the expenses associated with death, final expenses insurance is a critical investment in your family’s future.

Why You Need Final Expenses Insurance

insuranceWhat Is It?

Most families aren’t prepared for the high cost of a funeral, which is often much more than they have sitting in their savings accounts. In the Tremonton, UT, area, for example, the average funeral can cost anywhere from $7,500 to $10,000, with much higher prices in some areas. Final expenses insurance covers all of these costs, including burial, cremation, and even flowers. Many final expenses insurance policies will also pay for any medical expenses you might incur before you pass away. With these expenses paid for, your family won’t have to sacrifice education funds, retirement savings, or mortgage payments.

The Cost of Coverage

Compared to the cost of paying for a funeral out-of-pocket, final expenses coverage is affordable, especially since plans can be tailored to your needs. Unlike other life insurance plans, there’s usually no medical exam required, and even those in poor health can get the coverage they need. A skilled insurance agent can help evaluate your needs and design a policy that protects your family with premiums that fit your budget.

With the backing of one of nation’s leading carriers and over a quarter century of experience, Brent Layton with Farmers® Insurance Group has the expertise to provide the perfect plan for you. He’s dedicated to giving each client the individualized attention they deserve and insurance tailored to their lifestyle. Follow his Facebook for more tips and advice, and call (435) 257-3829 or visit online to request a free quote.

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