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Concrete Contractors Explain the Impact of Humidity February 13, 2018

Aiea, Ewa
Concrete Contractors Explain the Impact of Humidity, Ewa, Hawaii

As one of the most commonly used building materials, concrete is everywhere. It’s often used in surfacing work, particularly for driveways, sidewalks, and pathways. According to the experts at Central Pacific Specialty Contractors, concrete is naturally porous, making it susceptible to moisture-related damage. These concrete contractors explain that common culprits of excess moisture in concrete include adding too much water to the mix, fluctuations in humidity, rainfall, and poor landscaping that doesn’t allow for proper drainage.  

How Humidity Affects Concrete Flatwork

  • Increases pH Levels: When an area lacks both air circulation and climate control, this spells disaster for concrete flatwork. Cement should typically have a pH of around 11, which allows it to effectively hold its various components. When surrounding humidity levels are high, concrete’s pH levels rise concurrently. This compromises the concrete’s integrity, making it more likely to deteriorate.
  • concrete contractorsDiminishes Strength & Durability: High humidity levels also diminish concrete’s compressive strength, reducing its durability. This means that cement is more likely to crack under pressure, such as that imparted by heavy vehicles.
  • Creates Risk for Microbial Growths: Concrete’s porous nature also means that high humidity creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. This compromises not only structural integrity but also public health.
  • Causes Sweating Slab Syndrome: When moisture develops on the surface of interior concrete slabs, the risk for sweating slab syndrome occurs. This makes interior concrete slabs risky for pedestrians and transport machinery, which can both slip on slick surfaces.  

Central Pacific Specialty Contractors knows that careful preparation and construction techniques are the best way to prevent humidity damage on concrete surfaces. This company is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time, which has made them the best concrete contractors in Hawaii. They provide a range of quality services for projects of all sizes, from concrete repairs and restoration to industrial and waterproof coating. Learn more about these concrete contractor’s services online or by calling them for an estimate today at (808) 262-2527.

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