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3 Myths & Misconceptions About Land Surveying February 6, 2018

New Britain, Hartford County
3 Myths & Misconceptions About Land Surveying, New Britain, Connecticut

Land surveying is a process in which the boundary lines of a piece of property are determined. This is imperative for homeowners and business owners alike to build and stay within their rightly owned area. Though it is a straight-forward occupation, there are still a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding these important services. To help debunk these fallacies, the professionals at Flynn & CYR Land Surveying in Kensington, CT, share some important facts below.

Land Surveying Myths

1.It’s Not Always Necessary

land surveyingIn many cases, the purchase of a piece of land comes with a pre-existing structure. For example, a resident looking at homes for sale, or a business owner switching to a new office building. Many people believe that since these buildings are already present and, presumably, have been surveyed in the past, they do not need to be updated. However, this is a misconception. In fact, the older the building is, the more likely it is that their boundary lines are inaccurate, as older measuring techniques were not as precise as modern methods. As such, when you purchase a lot with an existing building, it’s still important to survey the boundary line.

2. Small Mistakes Won't Hurt Anyone

If you build a fence or parking lot that extends onto another person's property, even by a foot, you could be fined. Many people believe that other home or business owners will never check their own boundaries, so the risk of getting caught is low. However, this is called encroachment, and it’s against the law. If you are caught, those in Connecticut could actually lose their property under the Adverse Possession Law.

3. Large Pieces of Land Are More Expensive to Survey

One of the greatest misconceptions about land surveying has to do with the cost. Some assume the price is directly tied to the amount of land being checked. However, this is not the case. Many factors play a role in determining the final cost, including the condition of the original maps, how long ago it was partitioned, and whether or not the original paperwork is available. 

By debunking popular land surveying myths, you can better understand the process. If you need a commercial or residential surveyor, turn to the team at Flynn & CYR Land Surveying in Kensington, CT. Since 1986, they have provided high-quality, affordable, and honest services. With so much experience, they can be trusted to execute every job to perfection. For more information on what they do, visit their website, and give them a call at (860) 828-7886 to schedule an appointment today.

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