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How Long Does a Complete Roof Replacement Take? February 6, 2018

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How Long Does a Complete Roof Replacement Take?, Chesaning, Michigan

Every roof replacement ends with a beautiful and structurally sound new shelter overhead, but certain factors affect how long it takes to complete the task. Because a roof replacement will impact your time at home, it’s helpful to know what can make it take longer than usual to finish. 

roof replacementAlthough a roof replacement is a major home improvement project, it typically can be completed in less time than you’d initially think. That is, however, if everything falls into place without complication. While most of these considerations can be controlled by the contractors, Mother Nature is another story. Inclement weather can slow down progress on a roof replacement, adding several days to the project if it doesn’t clear up quickly.

However, that is one of the only elements that can’t accounted for before the work begins. Other pieces of the project are apparent beforehand and, therefore, can be accounted for in the planning stages. A full roof replacement requires the existing roof to be stripped, a new roof put down, and measurements to be taken for finer details. This work, uninterrupted by weather, can take several days to complete.

Different sized roofs and different roofing materials — shingles or tile, for example — can increase or decrease the amount of time necessary to finish the work as well. A roofing contractor can examine the necessary steps for the replacement and give an estimate for the total time needed. With this information, you’ll have a good sense of how long it will be before a gorgeous new roof is over your head.


To ensure your roof replacement is completed in a timely and professional manner, hiring a reputable contractor is essential. Maximum Roofing has been providing the best in roofing services to the Chesaning, MI, for over 15 years. With an experienced crew able to handle various repairs and replacements, the company takes pride in offering efficient service to anyone who needs it. For more information, call (989) 845-3373 or visit the website today.

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