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3 Reasons Why You Should Stick to a Frequent Pumping Schedule With Your Septic Service February 8, 2018

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stick to a Frequent Pumping Schedule With Your Septic Service, Albany, Oregon

Your business or home’s septic system is key to keeping your daily schedule on track, but when it’s been too long between pumping services, sewage mishaps become likely. Drain cleaning from a professional plumber will keep your septic tank clear and your pipes flowing smoothly. Luckily, any reputable septic service will offer routine pumping schedules and preventative maintenance before a clog or backup ensues. 

Below are three reasons to adopt a frequent pumping schedule with a trusted septic service:

  • Avoid Septic Overflow: When your pipes are clogged with waste, there is a higher chance they will back up, and the contents of the septic tank will spill out into the leach field. Not only is this unpleasant to handle, but it can also cause serious damage to your drainage system—which is costly to repair. Regular septic pumping will give you peace of mind by removing enough waste to keep pipes clear. 
  • Septic serviceProtect Against Bacteria: A septic tank that hasn’t been pumped in some time is likely to rupture, exposing the surrounding environment to harmful bacteria. When waste escapes from your septic system, it is likely to leak into the groundwater supply, which will affect plant life and show up in your drinking supply. By clearing out your system on a strict schedule, you can keep your home, employees, and family safer. 
  • Save Money: Routine septic maintenance will ensure your system runs smoothly from year to year, reducing the risk of malfunction. Waiting too long between septic service visits may lead to permanent damage that will cost hundreds to repair or replace. By sticking to a predetermined pumping schedule, your trusted plumber will keep a watchful eye on the tank and perform minor repairs as they arise.


If it’s time to schedule your annual septic pumping service in Albany, OR, call American Rooter Sewer & Septic Service. Fully qualified to handle residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing jobs, this team of highly experienced septic experts will tackle any job with total confidence. With their 24/7 emergency service, the days of septic stress are far behind. For more help, go online or reach out at (541) 926-1185.

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