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4 Questions to Ask Your VoIP Phone System Provider February 8, 2018

Kings Contrivance, Savage
4 Questions to Ask Your VoIP Phone System Provider, Savage, Maryland

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for businesses to connect with clients and colleagues around the world at the touch of a button, especially when using VoIP phone systems. But switching to VoIP from a traditional dial-up phone service can be a big step for a business, and it’s important to discuss the process with your service provider. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about switching to give you a better understanding of how it works. 

4 FAQs When Switching to VoIP Phone Systems 

What Are the System Requirements? 

Many companies are concerned they won’t be adequately equipped to make the change. Often, much of your existing equipment (routers, switches, wiring, phones) can be used when upgrading. Many VoIP providers also have service plans where the new equipment is installed free of charge and can be used for the duration of your contract. 

Who Handles Tech Support? 

VoIP phone systemsA leading advantage of switching to VoIP services is your provider will take over the maintenance of your system, troubleshooting problems and dealing with anything that might affect service quality. This helps your IT team focus on handling other issues and makes your daily operations more efficient. 

How Will VoIP Increase Mobility? 

Many businesses switch to VoIP because it allows them more communication flexibility. Rather than being tied down to an office, VoIP phone systems let employees to connect with clients and peers from anywhere as long as they have a mobile device and a stable internet connection. Whether they’re using the system for video conferencing or calling multiple vendors, the quality will remain the same regardless of the location. This is especially useful for businesses with employees who work out of the office and companies with multiple locations. 

What Makes VoIP More Reliable? 

If you’re tired of dropped calls, VoIP is the ideal solution because it relies on “cloud-based” technology. Such services are also equipped with fail-safe solutions, meaning in the event of a system failure or a power or internet outage, your VoIP services won’t be affected. 


Since 1979, the professionals from ACC Telecom in Columbia, MD, have been equipping businesses with cutting-edge communications solutions aimed at increased productivity. Specializing in everything from carrier services to infrastructure solutions, they help companies improve their overhead expenses while also enhancing their image with clients. To learn more, call them today at (410) 995-0101, or visit them online for a complete list of their telecom solutions, including VoIP phone systems. 

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