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4 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Isn't Starting February 2, 2018

Geneseo, Livingston
4 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Isn't Starting, Geneseo, New York

It can be alarming to find yourself with an engine that refuses to start, but what could be behind the problem? There are several possible car repair issues that could keep your vehicle from starting. Thankfully, they can all be resolved by a qualified auto mechanic. In general, the problem preventing your vehicle from starting will fall under one of two key car repair categories: electrical problems or a mechanical malfunction. Here’s a closer look at why your car might not be starting.

Why Your Car Won’t Start

1. Dead Battery

car repairA dead battery is the most likely problem keeping your vehicle from starting. If a jump-start gets your car going again or there is a lot of corrosion around the battery, you’ll probably need to get a replacement.

2. Bad Starter

When your vehicle’s starter has been damaged, you might think your battery is to blame. Listen for a clicking noise when turning the key; this is a common sign that the problem lies with the starter, rather than the battery itself.

3. Locked Steering Wheel

To prevent theft, many cars feature a steering wheel that locks into place after the key is removed. This keeps the key from turning at all. By jiggling the wheel to the left and right as you insert the key, you should be able to get it to turn again.

4. Frozen Fuel Lines

During the winter, it isn’t uncommon for water to get inside the gas tank. Unfortunately, this condensation can spread to the fuel lines and freeze, keeping your car from starting. Ensure your car’s tank is always at least half full to avoid this problem. It might also be a good idea to have a car repair expert replace your old fuel filter to keep the injectors clean.


If your vehicle refuses to start, don’t let it sit idle in the driveway; contact the car repair professionals at M & R Automotive Service Center in Geneseo, NY, instead. With over 25 years in business, they’ll use their expertise to diagnose the issue and find the appropriate solution so that you can get moving again. To learn more about the services offered by this auto repair shop, visit them online or call (585) 243-1201.

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