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A Beginner's Guide to Proper Lawn Care February 5, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
A Beginner's Guide to Proper Lawn Care, Honolulu, Hawaii

There’s more to lawn care than mowing your lawn and raking leaves. In fact, there are several tasks you need to complete if you want a vibrant, green yard. Here’s a guide to what you need to do to grow the best-looking grass.

What Does Lawn Care Consist Of?

In addition to mowing and trimming your grass every one to two weeks and setting up an automatic sprinkler system to ensure your lawn receives sufficient water, you should make time to complete the following tasks a few times a year:

  • Fertilizing: You first need healthy soil to grow a beautiful lawn. Apply a high-quality fertilizer a few times a year. The exact amount and type can vary as there are a variety of turf grasses, such as Hybrid Bermuda and zoysia, found throughout Hawaii, and each one has a different fertilizer requirement.
  • lawn care honolulu hiLiming: Your soil’s pH can affect its chemical, biological, and physical processes. Typically, turf grass requires a pH of about 6.5 to 7 to use the nutrients found in the soil. When they get below this threshold, they can become too acidic, resulting in patchy spots and an abundance of weeds. However, you can add lime to restore depleted nutrients and return your lawn’s pH to normal.
  • Aerating: When soil becomes too compact or overrun by thatch (heavy organic debris buried under the grass surface), it can make it difficult for air, nutrients, and water to reach the roots. Aeration corrects this by making small holes in your lawn. This will help your roots grow strong enough to penetrate deep into the ground and find water sources in times of severe heat or drought. This process is also implemented many times before seeding or fertilizing a lawn to ensure the soil receives these benefits.

Why Consult a Lawn Care Service?

There are many lawn care methods that should be applied at specific times of the year. A professional landscaper will not only have this information, but they will also know the proper way to take care of your specific grass type in its unique climate. Additionally, they tend to offer packages that can ensure your property is maintained year-round.


At Personal Touch Landscape in Honolulu, HI, they provide a range of superior landscaping services and are dedicated to helping homeowners maintain stunning yards all year long. If you’d like to learn more about their lawn care services, call (808) 623-8481 today. You can also visit their website and Facebook page to see some of their quality maintenance and landscape design work.

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