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How to Choose the Right Church Sound System for Your Congregation February 1, 2018

Broadmoor-Anderson Island-Shreve Isle, 4
How to Choose the Right Church Sound System for Your Congregation, 4, Louisiana

With the right church sound system, every Sunday will serve as a chance to connect with and inspire your congregation. While some may assume all professional audio equipment is the same, the reality is that a high-quality church sound system will produce better acoustics, a clearer tone, and a more inviting sound for every worshipper to enjoy. The key to making the most out of your audio setup is to know what to look for in a top-notch sound system.

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Church Sound System 

What Components Do I Need?

Before you can begin choosing custom sound solutions for your church, you’ll need to have a strong understanding of the basic components that make up a total sound system. First, you’ll need microphones and speakers that easily connect to one another and are robust enough to bounce sound to every corner of the room. Next, you’ll need a soundboard where you can control every level to create a pleasing volume and tone for your guests to enjoy. Finally, you’ll need an equalizer to customize the sound for your particular space and an amplifier to cut down on pesky stage wires. 

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

The way your church is set upchurch sound system and the number and nature of your gatherings will also play a role in the sound system you need. If you have a large congregation, you’ll likely need multiple, surround-sound speakers and a few supplementary amplifiers. You should also consider wireless mikes. If you’re unsure of what your church needs, have an audio specialist look at the existing acoustics in the room so that they can suggest which improvements you should make.


Finding the right church sound system shouldn’t be a headache. In Shreveport, LA, Clairborne Sharp Professional Audio has everything you need to incorporate cutting-edge technology with the very best the sound industry has to offer. Since 1989, they have installed and maintained high-end sound systems all over the area and have even provided helpful insight to keep systems working flawlessly over time. For more help, visit them online or call (318) 861-5953 today.

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