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5 Tips for a Unique Deck Design January 30, 2018

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5 Tips for a Unique Deck Design, Fargo, North Dakota

One of the best ways to enjoy beautiful weather is to add a deck to your home—but not without careful planning. A deck can have a serious impact on the aesthetics and function of your property, so you’ll want to put some thought into the design. Here are a few ideas to change the visual and functional impact of this great home addition so it will suit your tastes and lifestyle.

How to Improve Your Deck

1. Use a Curve

Decks are traditionally made of wood, and wood usually means straight lines and 90-degree angles. For this reason, a curved shape can go a long way toward creating a new look. Have your deck wrap around a corner of the home or fit into irregularly-shaped landscaping to add visual interest.

2. Choose Diagonals

Just like decks are traditionally all straight lines, it’s also normal to see all those lines running the same direction. For a subtle but significant change, try diagonal floorboards. Suddenly, a structure which was all function will have its own aesthetic touch.

3. Add Accent Colors

DecksIncorporate an accent color in your deck’s railing or border. Once again, this small change creates instant visual interest and a much more sophisticated feel.

4. Consider Your Lighting

A little outdoor lighting goes a long way toward making your deck space comfortable and usable at night. If basic outdoor lights don’t seem like enough, try adding fairy lights, lanterns, or another decorative choice.

5. Focus on Function

Sometimes the best way to improve your deck design isn’t with decorations, but with a whole new feature. For example, have you considered adding a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen? Even a small improvement like built-in-benches can add extra function to a basic design.

Your deck should be made to add to your home’s looks and function. To make sure it does, choose a few of these elements or create your own unique design.


For 17 years, Paramount Lighting & Landscaping in Fargo, ND, has provided beautiful outdoor lighting to improve your yard and deck. Since 2014, they’ve also offered full-service landscaping and fencing, creating unique aesthetics and functional designs. For help improving your yard and home, contact them today at (701) 235-1075 or online.

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