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4 Tasty Reasons to Eat at a Food Truck February 9, 2018

Burlington, Burlington
4 Tasty Reasons to Eat at a Food Truck, Burlington, Kentucky

When you’re craving gourmet food in a fast, casual environment, options can feel rather limited. Fortunately, food trucks satisfy all these criteria. If you have yet to experience the fun and delicious menus modern trucks are offering, here are a few reasons to visit one in your area today. 

4 Reasons to Try the Menu at a Local Food Truck

1. Affordable

Food truck owners don’t have to worry about paying a large staff and the various overhead costs that go into running a full-scale restaurant. As a result, they can pass savings onto customers. This allows you to enjoy food made from high-quality ingredients at great prices. 

2. Fast Service

When you’re looking for a quick lunch or an easy dinner to enjoy before rushing off to a social event, you can find quick service outside. By ordering from a truck, you can watch the cooks get to work on your food immediately. You won’t have to search for a seat or wait for a server to take your order; you can receive your entree and be on your way.

3. Unique Menus

food truckMuch like restaurants, food trucks offer a wide selection of cuisine. Whether you’re craving traditional American food or exotic flavors from a far away country, you can find the perfect spot, guaranteed to have a unique menu you may not find at sit-down eateries. 

4. New Experience

Best of all, eating from mobile kitchens provides every diner with a new and exciting experience. Even if you’ve found your favorite truck, it will change locations, so each visit is a new experience.


If you’re ready to experience what a food truck has to offer, Chloe's Eatery travels around Burlington, KY, and the greater Cincinnati area, serving customers gourmet fare from their mobile food truck. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or you need to hire a delicious and convenient caterer for your next event, their chefs can help. Call them today at (859) 305-1522 to learn more about their catering services or visit their website to browse the current menu. 

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