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3 Benefits of Consuming Your Vegetables in a Smoothie February 14, 2018

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3 Benefits of Consuming Your Vegetables in a Smoothie, Elmhurst, Illinois

The beauty of a smoothie is you can blend multiple healthy ingredients to give yourself a needed energy boost after a workout or particularly draining work day. Green smoothies, in particular, are excellent for helping you get through the day without feeling tired. Below are some additional advantages you can receive when you begin adding these beverages to your diet.

3 Benefits of Drinking Veggie Smoothies

1. Ensures You Consume Enough Vegetables

It can be hard to eat the required nine servings of vegetables each day when they are in their typical form. However, grinding them up into a drink will help you reach your daily requirement and ensure you get plenty of vitamins and nutrients added to your diet.

2. Healthier Than Juice Substitutes

Although many peoplesmoothie like to add fruit and vegetable juices to their smoothies, these are often loaded with sugar and offer very few of the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables. When you swap for the latter, you’ll receive plenty of fiber, Vitamins A and C, and many other healthy nutrients depending on your specific ingredients. Getting more of these on a daily basis will help reduce your risk of heart attack, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

3. Offers a Natural Way to Lose Weight

While losing weight typically comes down to your caloric intake, you can replace your daily candy bar or unhealthy snack with a green smoothie. This ensures that although you are cutting calories, you are still getting plenty of the nutrients to help you get through the day without feeling tired all the time. This extra energy will allow you to perform other tasks, such as exercising, that will be beneficial to your weight loss.


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