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Debunking 3 Myths About Walk-In Clinics February 12, 2018

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Debunking 3 Myths About Walk-In Clinics, Bronx, New York

Walk-in clinics provide convenient access to a wide range of medical services, whether you suddenly become ill or injured or need a routine exam or test. Although these medical centers play an important role in many communities, people sometimes have misconceptions about the quality of care and variety of services they provide. This guide gets to the bottom of some of the most common myths about walk-in clinics and the health care providers who work in them.

3 Common Misunderstandings About Walk-In Clinics

1. The Doctors Don’t Have the Same Training as Other Practitioners

Some people shy away from walk-in clinics because they worry about not receiving the same quality medical care that they would in a hospital or private practice. The truth is that these doctors have the same educational background and training as other physicians, and have the same abilities to write prescriptions, order tests, and refer patients to specialists.

2. Walk-In Clinics Only Treat Certain Cases

walk-in clinic Bronx NYWalk-in clinics provide medical care for a wide range of issues that aren’t life-threatening, from persistent headaches and stomach problems to injuries like cuts and minor burns. The doctors also provide preventative health services for the whole family, such as vaccinations, gynecological exams, pediatric care, and internal medicine.

3. Patients Can’t Make Appointments

Walk-in clinics give patients the most flexibility when it comes to seeking medical care. They encourage people to visit as soon as they get hurt or begin to feel ill, so they can see a doctor right away. However, you can make an appointment for routine health services like blood work and standard wellness exams.


Families in the Bronx, NY, trust Morris Park Medical Center to provide quality care for everyone. The walk-in clinic’s experienced staff treats patients dealing with everything from cold and flu symptoms to sports injuries. They make expert medical care affordable and accept a range of insurance plans and payment options. Call (718) 664-7679 to make an appointment, and visit their website to find out how they will treat your illness or injury.

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