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Movers Introduce the Do's & Don'ts of Self Storage During a Move January 31, 2018

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Movers Introduce the Do's & Don'ts of Self Storage During a Move, Lakeside-Somers, Montana

For many homeowners, moving and storage seem to go hand in hand, as the extra space can make the transition much less stressful. Before your movers are hauling boxes from one property to the next, consider how you’ll utilize storage space to bridge the gap between your old home and the new one. With the right strategy and some help from a reliable moving company in the area, you can minimize clutter, organize your belongings, and make for a fresh, unobstructed start to your new life. 


Brush Up on What’s Ok to Store

While a storage unit is versatile, there are a number of items that cannot be safely stored inside them. Brush up on what you can and cannot keep in this space before allowing movers to lug boxes inside. Perishable items like food or combustible solutions, like paint and gas tanks, are dangerous to leave in a storage unit and should be stowed away elsewhere.

Store Efficiently 

The beauty of having access to both a storage unit and professional movers is that you can implement an organizational strategy from the get-go. Plan out how you want to store the boxes in order of importance and frequency of use. Boxes that you won’t need for awhile should be hauled in first and placed toward the back of the unit. Those that you’re likely to need access to right away should be put toward the front. 


Store Fragile Items Recklessly

moversMoving all of your belongings into storage means finding ways to store fragile and delicate items responsibly. Mirrors, glass lamps or tables, ceramics and even upholstered furniture should be stored and arranged with intention. If an item is fragile or can shatter easily, wrap it in bubble wrap and store it laying down, rather than leaning against a wall or on top of other items. If you have old furniture or valuables, cover them with a tarp to prevent dust or other wear. 

Forget an Inventory List

Moving involves lots of moving pieces and it’s easy for boxes to get lost in the shuffle. Before you give your movers the green light to start packing your things, make a list of what is in each box and number the boxes accordingly. This master list will act as a reference sheet in the future and will make it infinitely easier to locate everything. 


Finding a team of movers you can trust isn’t always easy, but for those in Kalispell, MT, the choice is clear: Runnin' Bear Moving & Storage. Helping locals relocate for over 20 years, this group of experienced movers will enlist special care to transport your belongings quickly, safely, and without hassle. For more information on how they can assist you, contact them online or call at (406) 857-2327.

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