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3 Signs You Need Professional Computer Repair January 24, 2018

Northwest Harris, Harris
3 Signs You Need Professional Computer Repair, Northwest Harris, Texas

Whether you’re a seasoned professional with a busy schedule or a college student on a tight deadline, one of the biggest inconveniences you can face is computer failure. Maybe your device keeps overheating, or perhaps it has just been acting strangely for weeks. We’ve seen just about everything at Experimac Klein, a computer store based in Spring, TX, and will diagnose your issue within one day. If you notice any of these red flags, you need computer repair to protect your data.

Do You Need Computer Repair? How to Tell

1. Overheating

It’s relatively normal for devices to run warm while they’re operating, but it’s unusual for your laptop to feel hot to the touch. Similarly, your device’s fan shouldn’t sound like a jet engine — if it’s noticeably louder than usual, your cooling system may be clogged or broken.

2. Slow Performance

computer-repairWhen you first bought your laptop, it operated with lightning-fast quickness. Over time, however, it becomes more sluggish. A slow computer can stem from a few different causes, such as a lack of memory or space on your hard drive. There’s also a chance your computer is too old to run modern applications, which may necessitate an upgrade. A computer repair professional will diagnose the issue and suggest your best course of action.

3. Error Messages

They’re easy to ignore, but error messages are not something to neglect. You can check for errors on a Mac® by running a diagnostic test. Turn on your computer and immediately hold the D key until a screen asks you to choose a language. After a few minutes, the computer will prompt you with any errors and include reference codes for a solution. If you can’t fix the issues yourself, bring the computer in for repairs—remember to write down the codes for the specialist. 

Computers are an essential part of our daily routines, from sending emails during your workday to unwinding with a classic movie. You don’t have to let a failing hard drive or cooling fan derail your device. If it isn’t working the way it should, swing by Experimac Klein sooner rather than later. If you’re a Mac® user, we’re your one-stop shop for everything from computer repairs to pre-owned Apple® products, and our one-year warranty guarantees you receive only the best service. Call (713) 575-5768 to learn more, and like us on Facebook to follow our latest updates!

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