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What Can Massage Therapy Do for You? February 13, 2018

Soldotna, Kenai Peninsula
What Can Massage Therapy Do for You?, Soldotna, Alaska

When it comes to natural health practices, massage therapy is one of the oldest techniques around — and for good reason. Practiced since the days of ancient Egypt, China, and India, the art of applying pressure to various points of the body to relieve muscle tension and stimulate nerves offers a wide range of benefits. If you’re considering this alternative form of medicine, West Chiropractic Clinic in Soldotna, AK, highlights a few reasons why it may be worth investing in professional massage.

5 Amazing Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy

1. Natural Pain Relief & Healing

Over-the-counter and prescription meds can temporarily relieve pain, but they can also put you at risk of a variety of side effects—including drowsiness and dependency. As an alternative, massage therapy relieves aches by soothing muscle tension and releasing compressed nerves. On a cellular level, research has shown that applied pressure can also lower production of cytokines — compounds that cause inflammation — as well as facilitate faster cell repair.   

2. Lower Stress & Obtain Better Sleep

When muscles are tense and stiff, stress levels tend to increase. As such, the soothing qualities of massage therapy helps reduce chronic stress. Additionally, massage stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, hormones that help regulate mood and encourage restful sleep.

3. Improved Circulation

massage therapyApplied pressure techniques promote enhanced blood flow by pushing and releasing tissues where poor circulation occurs. This improved circulation helps reduce high blood pressure, ensure proper delivery of nutrients throughout the body, and clear away lactic acid buildup — a source of muscle pain.

4. Strengthened Defenses

More efficient production of white blood cells is another benefit of improved circulation. When your body’s white blood cell activity increases, you have an easier time fighting off infections and experience faster recovery times.

5. Athletic Enhancement

Massage therapy is incredibly beneficial to athletes for numerous reasons. For one, it helps release tight muscles that could eventually result in sports injuries. Additionally, regular treatment helps stretch out muscle tissues so athletes experience improved flexibility and mobility during gameplay.

With dozens of massage techniques practiced today, there are many different ways for you to experience these and other benefits. If you’re looking to find out which approach is best to target your specific conditions, West Chiropractic Clinic offers comprehensive, personalized care to help set you on the path toward wellness. In addition to the extensive advantages of massage therapy, this provider also offers a variety of other noninvasive, natural chiropractic treatments to help improve health, minimize current conditions, and relieve pain. To learn more about these services, visit this family chiropractic clinic online. You can also call to schedule a convenient appointment at (907) 262-9171.

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