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5 Ways to Save Money on Teen Driver Auto Insurance January 23, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
5 Ways to Save Money on Teen Driver Auto Insurance, Lincoln, Nebraska

When your teenager gets a driver's license, you may be surprised at its impact on your auto insurance premium. Costs rise because young drivers are inexperienced, and as a group, they are riskier than older drivers. Watts Insurance Group, a trusted agency in Lincoln, NE, wants to help you minimize this increase with the following tips.

5 Tips for Saving Money on Young Driver Auto Insurance

1. Choose the Right Vehicle

The cost to insure a brand-new sports car or 4WD vehicle is considerably more than that of a plain, older sedan. This is true for any driver, but particularly so for younger ones. To save money, have your teenager drive something safe and sensible instead of flashy.

2. Complete a Driver Safety Course

auto insuranceThe completion of a driver safety course indicates your teenager has learned and is committed to practicing responsible vehicle use. Many insurers will reward this by offering a discount in premiums.

3. Install Safety Devices

If you purchase a vehicle with safety devices like side airbags, anti-lock brakes, and lane change alerts, your insurer will likely offer a price discount. Likewise, an anti-theft device further lowers your risk profile and should provide a price reduction.

4. Get Good Grades

Insurers have found that young drivers who get good grades tend to be more responsible and file fewer accident claims. If your teenager has a B average or is on the honor roll, you may qualify for an auto insurance premium discount.

5. Ask About Resident Student Discount

College students who live at least 100 miles away from the family car don't have the vehicle access that students who live at home do. Because of this, most insurance companies will reduce the cost to insure them. Ask your auto insurance agent if you qualify.

To see if you can lower auto insurance rates for yourself or your teen driver, contact Watts Insurance Group in Lincoln, NE. They have served the area for more than 25 years, so they have the knowledge and resources to help you save money with a policy that meets your needs. Visit their website to request an insurance quote, or call (402) 261-3999 to speak to a friendly, experienced insurance agent.

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