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What to Look for in Kitchen Appliances as a New Homebuyer January 16, 2018

Kailua, Hawaii
What to Look for in Kitchen Appliances as a New Homebuyer, Kailua, Hawaii

Buying your first major kitchen appliances takes a significant amount of planning. When you no longer need to rely on existing appliances, you can exert more control over major household functions and have a direct impact on your water and power usage. But how do you make the most of such a large investment? If you want to invest wisely, use the following guide to buy cost-effective appliances with all the right features.

First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide to Kitchen Appliances

1. Tolerable Noises

Make sure you know how noisy your new appliance will get on a daily basis. Few appliances are completely silent, but some can be more annoying than others. Whether they hum, click, or beep, make sure it’s not a sound that will get on your nerves.

2. Essential Parts

Before visiting any showrooms, make a list of features you can’t do without; for example, a fridge with an ice maker or a lifetime warranty. Make your list in writing so you can refer back to it whenever you’re out shopping. This will help you avoid an impulse buy.

3. The Right Size

Will your new kitchen appliance fit through the front door? Before setting out, measure the hallway, corridor, or stairwell through which you’ll have to move your new appliance. If your selection ends up being too wide to fit through, see if you can partially disassemble it.

4. The Perfect Fit

kitchen appliancesWill your new oven fit your baking trays? Will you have an easy time accessing your appliance, and is there room for it between your kitchen cabinets? Make sure your new purchases mesh well with your lifestyle and kitchen layout.

5. Easy-to-Use Features

While it’s worth it to stick to features you already know you’ll use, you might be curious to try out new ones. When experimenting with new features, make sure you understand their operation instructions. Otherwise, there’s little point in investing in them.


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