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Five reason how learning how to cook will change your life January 10, 2018

Asheville, Asheville, NC
Five reason how learning how to cook will change your life, Asheville, North Carolina

Gaining cooking skills should be your top priority, yes even above making money. Eating healthy, unprocessed foods is the foundation of your health. If you want to get a handle on your health you must learn to cook.

here is why:

  1. Restaurant food is unclean, uses poor ingredients and is often not fresh.
  2. Eating clean food, meaning freshly prepared, using high quality ingredients, directly affects your mood, energy levels and overall health
  3. It allows you to adjust your diet according to your medical needs. for example, if you high pressure is high, take out sodium, there are other ways to flavor your food.
  4. Saving money! Didn’t I say that cooking comes first before making money? this is what I mean. When you cook, your food spending becomes a fraction of what it is when you don’t. You can easily sustain yourself on $10/day if you know how.
  5. When you give your body the right food your productivity and longevity increases. Yet again, cooking will make you money.

I could keep going and give you many more reasons but I think this plenty to begin with. If you choose to get a handle on cooking, a great place to start is Asheville Mountain Kitchen in NC. You can come as a group or by yourself and get ready to turn your life around.

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