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Top 5 Creative Ways to Organize Storage Units January 16, 2018

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Top 5 Creative Ways to Organize Storage Units , 10, Louisiana

Storage units provide safe havens for a wide variety of items, including seasonal sporting equipment, fine art, important documents, furniture, antiques, books, and recreational vehicles. If you are moving or need a self-storage unit for your extra belongings, get more from the space by learning how to organize it creatively and effectively. Here are five tips for getting the most from your storage unit. 

Top 5 Space Solutions for Storage Units

1. Utilize Vertical Space

Make use of the vertical space within your storage unit with plastic shelving. Find shelves that are easy to put together and take apart so you can make them as tall or short as you like. Place heavier items on the bottom of each shelf unit to anchor it and put the lightest things on top.

storage unit2. Create Specific, Categorized Areas

Categorize your storage unit for easy access and less time spent digging around. Create sections in the back for items you do not have an immediate use for, such as seashell collections or vintage furniture. Make space for items you need in the front, like seasonal clothing and lawn equipment.

3. Forget Cardboard Boxes

Skip the cardboard boxes in favor of stackable plastic bins. They increase storage unit efficiency while also keeping your items safe from dust, dirt, mice, and insects. Provide each one with a detailed label and use clear bins to see their contents easily.

4. Use Furniture Efficiently

Use bureau drawers and wardrobes as extra storage space. Line drawers with small plastic bins and stack them in wardrobes to safely house items such as jewelry and sensitive documents. Chair and couch seats provide extra storage for lightweight things, so you have more floor space.

5. Add Plastic Hooks

Affix removable plastic hooks to the walls for hanging tools, sealed plastic bags featuring seasonal clothing and other items, or anything else that is applicable. Hooks provide a way to keep possessions off of the floor and away from dust on the floor.


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