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3 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen January 17, 2018

Kailua, Hawaii
3 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen, Kailua, Hawaii

Although the Hawaiian islands have their share of luxury properties with commercial-grade kitchen appliances, most residents have modest houses or condos since space is at a premium. For example, $300,000 may get you more than 3,000 square feet in states like Indiana, Mississippi, and Ohio, but it will only get you 625 square feet in Hawaii. If it feels like your already cramped kitchen gets smaller every day, the team at Tradewind Hawaii Inc will help. Below, they share a few tips for maximizing space.

How to Work Around Kitchen Appliances to Maximize Space

1. Install Shelf Space Wherever You Can

When counter space is limited, shelves are invaluable. Fortunately, installing more shelving is a simple project that most homeowners can tackle themselves. Consider putting shelves in unique areas throughout the kitchen. For example, if it is possible to bump out the backsplash behind the stove, you can install a small nook for olive oil, spices, and other cooking essentials that might otherwise clutter the counters and cabinets.

2. Downsize Your Appliances

kitchen appliancesIf you prefer to wash dishes by hand, your family may not necessarily need a standard sized dishwasher. When it comes to kitchen appliances, make a list of those that you rely on daily, like a refrigerator, and consider purchasing smaller versions of those that you use less frequently, like a microwave and dishwasher.

3. Add Storage Functions to the Island

If you have a kitchen island in your Hawaii home, are you maximizing its potential for storage space? Install cabinets, shelving, or even a wine rack underneath it to make the most of the space.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen to maximize its square footage, turn to Tradewind Hawaii Inc. Based in Kailua Kona, they offer everything from garage doors to jalousie windows. Check out their website to learn more about the kitchen appliances they sell, or call (808) 329-2310 to discuss your remodeling needs today. 

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