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3 Situations When Your Personal Injury Case Can Benefit From an Auto Accident Lawyer January 16, 2018

Hartford, Hartford, CT
3 Situations When Your Personal Injury Case Can Benefit From an Auto Accident Lawyer, Hartford, Connecticut

Being involved in a traffic collision usually brings up numerous questions. This is particularly the case if you experience significant injuries and property damage. If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim to help with the finances needed to recover, there’s a good chance you’ll wonder if you need the assistance of an auto accident lawyer. Since navigating the justice system is a complex process for most people lacking a background in law, it’s highly recommended to seek counsel before filing. However, if there are certain situations surrounding your case, it becomes even more imperative that you work with a legal professional.

Here are some specific circumstances when you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a lawyer to advocate on your behalf:

  • You Suffered Severe Injuries: The more severe and debilitating your injuries are, the higher your medical bills will be and the longer you will be out of work. This means your claim is most likely worth a substantial amount. With so much at stake, it’s best to have an auto accident lawyer handle negotiations with the insurance company or present your case in court if necessary.

auto accident lawyer

  • You’ve Received an Unreasonable Offer: It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to try settling quickly and for as little as possible. If you find yourself in a battle with the adjuster to reach a fair settlement, it’s a good idea to let a lawyer take over. They will evaluate the true value of your claim and make sure you aren’t pressured into accepting anything less.
  • The Other Party Is Denying Liability: If the other party is denying responsibility for the accident, it can become difficult to prove liability. A lawyer will put together a compelling case establishing negligence by gathering the evidence necessary to show how the defendant’s actions caused the incident.


There are several challenges when it comes to successfully negotiating a personal injury claim by yourself. It’s important to recognize when you need the guidance of an auto accident lawyer to give yourself the best chance of recovering all the damages you’re entitled to. For more than three decades, Weingast Law has provided the residents of Hartford, CT, with sound legal advice and effective representation. Attorney Weingast can be counted on to fight for the rights of each client, no matter how complicated their case is. Contact his office by calling (860) 233-1440, or visit him online for additional information. 

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