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Russellville Auto Repair Shop Shares 4 Reasons Why Tires Are So Important January 16, 2018

Russellville, Pope
Russellville Auto Repair Shop Shares 4 Reasons Why Tires Are So Important, Russellville, Arkansas

There are a lot of parts that go into keeping your car running, and all of them are important. The tires, however, affect almost everything about the way your vehicle drives. To help you understand their importance, the auto repair and tire experts at A-1 Tire Distributors in Russellville, AR, have put together a list of a few reasons why good tires are so critical to your auto.

4 Reasons Tires Are Important for Your Vehicle

1. Handling

The surface of the tire that touches the ground is only about the size of your hand, so it’s important to make that area count. The tread, rigidity, diameter, and width affect how your auto turns corners or performs in tough conditions like rain and snow. If your tires aren’t properly inflated, your car ride can feel bumpy or rough, and you might not be able to stop as quickly.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Tire size, quality, and pressure all affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. When they can’t make steady contact with the ground, due to uneven wear or not being balanced, your car uses more energy and fuel. Taking care of your tires will keep your fuel costs low by keeping your car running smoothly. 

3. Safety

auto repairIf your treads are worn, you’ll have more trouble braking and turning. It’s also important your tires are in top condition and have the correct amount of air in them. If you drive on bald or overinflated tires, you run the risk of a blowout.

4. Traction

If your tires don’t have good traction, they’ll just spin out or, if you’re driving in wet conditions, hydroplane. This is also important for everyday driving because it gives your car the ability to turn and stop. Your auto repair shop can balance and rotate your tires to ensure they roll smoothly and don’t wear out the tread more in some spots than others.

If you have concerns about your wheels, A-1 Tire Distributors can help. They’ve been providing high-quality tires for more than 24 years, and they also offer auto repairs and tuneups, brake service, and oil changes. Give them a call at (479) 968-3091, or visit them online to see a complete list of their services.

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