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What You Should Know About Commercial Foundation Repair January 16, 2018

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What You Should Know About Commercial Foundation Repair, Dover, New York

Every structure, whether it’s residential or commercial, needs a strong foundation. As such, foundation repair is critical to maintaining the integrity of said buildings. Otherwise, you would be jeopardizing the people working in and around your building. To help avoid these dangers, check out the following guide.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Foundation problems ifoundation repairn commercial properties are often caused by soil-related issues, like shrinkage, over-saturated soil, and tree or plant roots that cause dehydration. The weight of the building, poor construction, plumbing leaks, poor drainage, and landslides can also harm the structure.

Property owners should also be on the lookout for signs their building requires foundation repair. These include uneven or cracked floors and walls, doors or windows that don't close properly, cracked moldings, gaps between the walls and floor or ceiling, and visible cracks in the foundation.

Commercial Foundation Repair Options

There are several foundation repair options available today, such as using steel, helical, spot, segmented, and concrete piers. Some contractors also use high-density polyurethane foam. Piers are underground supports that lift and support the concrete. With polyurethane foam, foundation repair experts inject the material in the affected area. All these repair options have their own pros and cons, so you should hire a professional to evaluate which method is best for your building or structure.

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