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Surrendering to God January 14, 2018

Surrendering to God, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Surrendering to God

When we surrender to God we allow God to use us wherever He needs us to be. A scripture that came to my mind as I was preparing to write this article was. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. As I studied that scripture I had the thought “why are the laborers few?” As I studied the scripture more it became obvious that the laborers are few because many of God’s children don’t want to do what God is asking them to do. Have you ever been in a position where you don’t really want to be but you know that God needs you there? If not, you are one lucky person, let’s just say when I was a child, I never imagined that I would be working in a funeral home. Growing up I was always scared of the dark and ghosts and lets just be honest I was not a fan of death or the afterlife.  And little did I know that God was going to place me with a man that his family was in the funeral business. Thankfully it was several months after getting to know Jason that he revealed to me what his family did and I was already emotionally attached to him. The day that Jason pulled up into the funeral home driveway and I then found out not only did his parents work at the funeral home but that’s what his plans were as well, I was shocked. But for me that’s where it all began and ever since then God began to prepare me for what He has for Jason and I to do. There have definitely been moments when I really didn’t think that I was going to be able to handle working not only the long hours but seeing people heartbroken. But through all the lessons and finally surrendering to God’s will in my life I have found where my heart is, in helping God’s people. Believe it or not where God needs us might just be where we don’t want to be. I truly believe that we are living in the last days before we witness the return of Jesus. I also believe that it’s very vital for God’s children to go and do what God is asking of them. I found myself just a few days ago praying and reading God’s word. I could feel this pulling on my heart that God was wanting me to do something. As I continued to pray and think about it I honestly just wanted to ignore the pulling. But finally, I asked myself “why do you not want to do it?” my answer was “I didn’t’ know how to do what God was asking me do.” But just as I discovered why I wasn’t wanting to do it my husband walked in with a piece of wood with three crosses and with the crosses was the scripture 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Well all I can say is that my excuse just then became irrelevant for with God and His grace we can do anything in our weakness. So, if you feel God pulling you in a particular direction but your scared or your flesh doesn’t want to give in. I encourage you to go for it, you will experience more joy in your life than you’ve ever known. Not only that but God will bless you mightily for your obedience. With God nothing is impossible, you can achieve whatever it is that God is asking you to surrender to.


Written by; Anita J. Shipman

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