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4 Questions to Ask Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Experts About the Installation Process February 8, 2018

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4 Questions to Ask Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Experts About the Installation Process, Waynesboro, Virginia

Whether working on a bathroom remodeling project or investing in new kitchen cabinetry and appliances, any home renovation is bound to have a few moving parts. To stay in the loop during the installation process, it’s important to establish a good relationship with your contractor before getting started. To be more involved with the process, below are four important questions to ask your home remodeling expert.

Ask These 4 Questions to Stay in the Loop During Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Projects 

1. How Will the Materials Be Stored Each Day?

Depending on the scope of your project, it could take more than a day to complete the job. Ask whether the contractor plans to store all equipment, new fixtures, and additional gear at your home or off-site. If the fixtures will remain in your space, you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure they stay protected.  

2. Will You Fill Me in on the Installation Process?

Although you should leave all the installation work in the qualified hands of your remodeling expert, it’s still good to have a basic understanding of how the job was executed. Knowing what tools were used to install fixtures and the installation techniques involved will make you better equipped to tackle maintenance or any repairs that are needed down the line. 

3. How Will You Handle Discrepancies? 

bathroom remodelingSometimes, ideas get lost in translation, so brace yourself for the possibility of a few minor hiccups during the project. So discrepancies don’t delay the work, ask how the remodeler handles situations when they arise. Ideally, you should receive a written warranty for the project outlining how these issues will be covered. 

4. What Is the Work Timeline?

During a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, it might be necessary for people in the household to adjust their normal habits. So you can plan accordingly, ask when the work will begin and end each day and for an approximate completion date. 


If you want to embark on a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project in Waynesboro, VA, or the surrounding areas, the team at Shenandoah Flooring & Interior Designs possesses the know-how to help. From providing interior design advice to hardwood flooring installations, they will do everything possible to boost the resale value, appeal, comfort, and functionality of your space. To schedule a consultation in the Greater Augusta County area, call (540) 943-2911 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online, and like them on Facebook for pictures of their completed work. 

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