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The Importance of Road Salt & Sand in Snow Removal January 12, 2018

Medary, La Crosse County
The Importance of Road Salt & Sand in Snow Removal, Medary, Wisconsin

In regions of the country that receive snow, you'll often find municipal and private vehicles distributing road salt or sand on roadways and parking lots. Tom's Bobcat & Snowplowing, a respected commercial and residential snow removal company in La Crosse, WI, explains the purpose of these measures and why salting and sanding are so important. The information below should help you understand why their services are indispensable after a snowfall.

Snow removal in La Crosse, WIRoad salt and other de-icing chemicals work by lowering the freezing temperature of water. Under normal circumstances, water turns to ice or snow at 32 degrees. However, when water is mixed with salt, that temperature drops considerably. For instance, a 20% salt solution won't freeze until temperatures approach zero. This causes ice and snow on the roads to thaw and drain away. Sand, on the other hand, does not melt snow. Instead, it is applied to roadways to give car tires greater traction on icy surfaces.

Snowplowing efforts usually leave a bit of snow behind, which the weight of traffic will quickly pack into a slick, icy surface. The traction that sand provides helps vehicles on icy roadways and parking lots avoid slipping and sliding. Likewise, the rough, uneven grains of freshly laid road salt perform a similar function. Both sand and fresh salt give motorists more control over their vehicles and prevent slide-offs and collisions. Moreover, the snow removal properties of road salt help melt the unplowed ice from roads and lots, making it safer to drive and allowing traffic to move at a faster clip.

To hire a reliable snow removal company to apply salt and sand to your parking lot or private drive, contact the professionals at Tom's Bobcat & Snowplowing. For more than 35 years, they have been exceeding expectations and providing a fast, dependable response to ice and snow. Visit their website for more information on their services, or call (608) 785-1888 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable representative.

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