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Water Well Maintenance Tips: When to Test Your Water January 23, 2018

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Water Well Maintenance Tips: When to Test Your Water, Taylorsville, Utah

Enjoying clean water at home isn’t as simple as having a well drilled and turning on the tap. You’ll need to keep up with water well maintenance over the years to ensure your pump works properly and that you keep a reliable source of clean water. The well drilling contractors at Advanced Well Drilling & Services recommends you have water testing done on a regular basis in Taylorsville, UT.  

Why Water Testing is a Crucial Part of Water Well Maintenance

water well maintenanceHow It Works

The typical water analysis tests for the most common contaminants in drinking water. These harmful substances can creep in, and without testing, it’s impossible to know that you’re ingesting them. These substances include arsenic, chloride, and harmful bacteria. The test will also tell you the hardness of your water, which can clog your plumbing and make it harder to wash clothes. Some tests also look for radon, which is harmful to your health. Once any of these issues have been identified, you can work with your well drilling company to remedy them. 

Recommended Testing Schedule

Homeowners should have water testing done on a regular basis. Every year, test for bacteria, nitrate, and nitrite, as they are the most common and dangerous substances. Every three to five years, check for other contaminants. If you know hazardous chemicals have been used nearby, or have recently had construction done on the well, you should test ahead of schedule. If you notice a change in your water quality, a strange taste, or a cloudy appearance, you’ll also want to have testing done right away.

The team at Advanced Well Drilling & Services offers all the water well services you need to keep your water supply safe. Contact them at (801) 572-8080 to schedule an appointment or visit them online. They are fully licensed and bonded, and they have more than 26 years of experience to give you the best possible water well maintenance or well repair.

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