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3 Advantages of Climate-Controlled Storage January 12, 2018

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3 Advantages of Climate-Controlled Storage, Jacksonville, Arkansas

When you store your possessions, it makes sense to look for a secure and spacious unit that you can access whenever you need. Equally important but often overlooked is the value of finding climate-controlled storage. To truly safeguard your belongings, you’ll need a space where the temperature is carefully regulated. 

Here are three key benefits associated with climate-controlled storage. 

  • Avoid Mold: Without climate control, confined storage areas can become increasingly humid. All that moisture eventually allows for mold to thrive, and in such an enclosed environment, it can climate-controlled storagequickly spread throughout all of your possessions. One way of keeping the items mold-free is to store them in a climate-controlled facility, which will regulate the temperature so that moisture is never permitted to develop. 
  • Prevent Distortions: If the temperature is simply dictated by the weather outdoors, your belongings can be subjected to the punishing extremes of the season. For antiques, furniture, instruments, and other items, those extremes have the potential to harm the object. Wood, for instance, can shrink if it gets too cold, or expand in the heat. For delicate objects like antiques, that kind of transformation can result in a loss of value. With climate control, you can shield your valuables from any of these effects.
  • Keep Dust Away: Another advantage of climate control is that is creates outstanding air quality in the space. Without temperature regulation, you may walk in to find your possessions covered in dust and other detritus. The climate control system allows for well-circulated air, freeing you from the unpleasant task of scrubbing all of your stored items clean. 


When locals near Jacksonville, AR, need a reliable storage facility, they bring their possessions to Northgate Mini Storage. Offering high level security as well as climate-controlled storage, the professionals are passionate about keeping your items in perfect condition. To inquire about the spaces they have currently available, call (724) 863-7682. Learn more about the company by visiting their website 

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