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Top 3 Signs of Winter Tree Damage January 8, 2018

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Top 3 Signs of Winter Tree Damage, Milton, Pennsylvania

To keep your outdoor environment in healthy condition all year round, tree pruning and cutting are essential during the winter. However, sometimes routine care isn’t even enough to protect your timber from the harsh effects of cold weather. To prevent one fallen tree from wreaking havoc on the rest of your landscape, scan your woods for these signs of damage and act immediately.

3 Signs Your Yard Needs Tree Pruning

1. Cracked Bark

Broken or fractured bark is a telltale sign of tree damage. When the weather decreases to sub-zero temperatures, the cold air creates a film of frost over trees. When the sun shines down on blanketed bark, cold winds and warm sunrays conflict, causing the bark to break. As frozen bark will freeze the interiors of trees, it is important to care for your landscape with winter tree pruning. Should you notice cracks in your tree trunks or branches, peel off any frozen bark to avoid further decay from spreading.

2. Frozen Groundtree pruning

Frozen, hard dirt often indicates a yard is suffering from tree damage. As temperatures dip below freezing levels, the ground can become hardened with frost and ice. When the roots of trees become frozen between solid sediments, they are unable to absorb the moisture they need to thrive. While shrubs and evergreen trees are most susceptible to tree damage during the winter, any breed can die under such circumstances. Avoid tree dehydration by sufficiently watering your outdoors during the fall. Additionally, give the ground the nutrients it needs to survive frigid conditions by mulching in the autumn.

3. Soil Heaving

Lastly, practice proper landscape maintenance by inspecting your outdoors for any spots of soil heaving. As winter climates shift between warming and cooling degrees, the ground fluctuates between thawing and freezing. As a result, dirt shrinks and becomes shallow. Just as frozen earth can injure plant life, soil heaving can uproot trees. Pushed out of the soil and exposed to winter winds, foliage can freeze. Nevertheless, by removing any usurped or diseased roots from the earth, tree pruning reduces the harmful effects of soil heaving. 


Safeguard your landscape from the winter weather by turning to the skilled services of the premier land clearing company in Milton, Pennsylvania. The arborists at Travis Monk Tree Service are dedicated to serving communities throughout Milton, Lewisburg, and the surrounding areas. From reliable stump removal to affordable tree pruning, their team is equipped to serve residential and commercial clients with their 24-hour emergency services. Call (570) 490-4634 to speak with a professional, visit their website for more information, and like them on Facebook to see what customers are saying.

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