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A Guide to Common Thai Food Terms January 5, 2018

Manoa, Honolulu
A Guide to Common Thai Food Terms, Honolulu, Hawaii

Thai food has become popular all over the world because it is fresh and flavorful. If you’re new to this type of Asian cuisine, then you may have questions about some of the words on the menu. Below, the experts at Bangkok Chef in Honolulu, HI, explain what some of the most common terms mean, so you know what to order the next time you visit the restaurant.

4 Common Thai Food Terms

1. Pad

If you are looking for something stir-fried, look for items that begin with “pad.” For example, pad thai is a stir-fried dish made with rice noodles, egg, chicken, and bean sprouts. This tasty dish can also be customized to include shrimp, garlic, chili pepper, or pickled radishes. If you prefer a vegetarian-friendly stir-fry, opt for pad ramut, which contains a variety of vegetables and tofu, fried with oyster sauce.

2. Tom

Thai food Honolulu HIThe term “tom” refers to Thai food that is boiled, traditionally a soup dish. These meals usually feature a sweet and sour broth or coconut milk base. The soup is then packed with flavorful ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, cabbage, and lemongrass.

3. Yaang

When you see the term “yaang,” think about grilled foods. Gai yaang, or lemongrass grilled chicken, is traditionally served on a bed of fragrant jasmine rice. Seafood and vegetables are also commonly grilled to enhance their natural flavors.

4. Tod

If you’re craving something crispy, then look for “tod,” which refers to Thai food that has been fried. Fresh fish cakes make a delicious entree when served with rice and cucumber salad, or a satisfying snack on their own.

Visiting a Thai restaurant gives you the opportunity to learn a new culinary language. When you want to enjoy the freshest, most authentic Thai food in Honolulu, head to Bangkok Chef. Their delicious menu is filled with entrees, salads, appetizers, and desserts that are sure to please. They also offer catering for parties of all sizes. To place an order for takeout, call (808) 585-8839 to reach their Nuuanu location, (808) 988-0212 for Manoa, (808) 536-8570 for Iwilei, (808) 744-6387 for Ewa Beach, and (808) 941-2888 for Moiliili. Visit the restaurant online to see their full menu.

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