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A Forensic Accounting Team Explains the Role of an Expert Witness January 16, 2018

Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus, Honolulu
A Forensic Accounting Team Explains the Role of an Expert Witness, Honolulu, Hawaii

Expert witnesses play an integral role in the justice system. Expert analysis provides an unbiased perspective on a case, such as when a forensic accounting professional is called to testify about an individual’s or business’s financial practices. In Honolulu, Tudor Wilson & Associates CPAs have established themselves as a source of accounting expertise, which is why so many trust in the service and guidance they provide.

What Is an Expert Witness? A Forensic Accounting Team Explains

Understanding Expert Evidence

Expert evidence is testimony provided by expert witnesses. This evidence is predicated on the expert’s background and training, which gives it a bit more heft than if a layman were speaking on the same topic. For instance, an expert in forensic accounting may be asked to testify in a case involving financial wrongdoing. The expert would delve into the accounting record of the alleged perpetrator of wrongdoing and then provide insight to the court.

Objectivity Is Key

forensic accountingNo matter what, an expert witness must remain objective. His or her primary duty is to provide testimony to the court based on his expertise and reading of the situation. In no way should an expert witness alter testimony to fit a narrative of either side. If new information arises that can affect the outcome of a case, a witness must take this into account and revise testimony accordingly.

The Court Determines Admissibility

When it comes to matters of admissibility, expert testimony is generally considered acceptable. However, the court can decide not to allow the presentation of certain types of evidence. Rejection of evidence typically occurs when the independence of an expert is called into question, which can compromise the testimony afforded. Evidence can also be rejected for other reasons, such as when an expert witness is not considered compliant with the court’s instructions.

If you need forensic accounting services in Honolulu, Tudor Wilson & Associates CPAs offers the benefit of more than 18 years of industry experience and know-how. Schedule an appointment by calling (808) 592-2000 today. You can also see the complete listing of services for yourself by visiting the website.

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