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How to Choose the Right Set of Golf Clubs January 11, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
How to Choose the Right Set of Golf Clubs, Manhattan, New York

If you have started taking the game of golf seriously, it's time to stop using borrowed equipment and invest in a set of your own golf clubs. To help you choose the right set, New York Golf Center of Midtown Manhattan offers some suggestions below. This information should help you figure out what type and size clubs you need, and, potentially, improve your game.

How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs

1. The Beginner Set

Golf clubsIf you are fairly new to golf, don't invest in a custom set of clubs. A basic set should meet your needs at first. This will contain a driver, three and five woods, a full set of odd-numbered irons, a putter, a pitching wedge, and a bag. Steel clubs are your best bet at this time—if you decide to pursue the hobby, you can explore other materials.

2. The Intermediate Set

If you're looking to improve your score, consider investing in graphite clubs, which are of better quality and provide improved flexion and distance than steel. Naturally, they cost a bit more. Another consideration at this point is offset heads to allow for more lift, and cavity-back irons that increase the size of the club's "sweet spot."

3. The Advanced Set

Once you are playing regularly and wish to take your game in new directions, consider investing in one or more specialty clubs. Long irons are ideal if you have difficulty using woods on the fairway, and specialty wedges will help you dig your way out of sand or long grass.

4. The Expert Set

When your intermediate set and specialty additions no longer meet your needs, you can purchase a set tailored to your body, swing, and preferred method of play. Most custom fittings must be booked in advance and will take anywhere from one to five hours of testing and measurements. This level is reserved for the most dedicated golfers.

When you're looking for a quality set of golf clubs, stop by New York Golf Center, a comprehensive golf store with two convenient locations in Midtown. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, they have everything you need, including golf balls, bags, and custom-fitted clubs. Visit their website for location details, or call (212) 564-0078 to speak with a friendly salesperson.

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