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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage? January 13, 2018

St. Louis, St. Louis County
Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage?, St. Louis, Missouri

When your home is affected by bad weather or a natural disaster and you need storm damage repair, it’s essential to know whether your home insurance policy covers roof repair. The roofing experts at CWC Roofing and Exteriors in St. Louis, MO, explain that coverages, deductibles and limits, and exclusions are the top factors to think about. These will help you determine if your roof damage is covered by your insurance policy. 

A Brief Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance & Roof Repair

Common Coverages

Most home insurance policies cover any structural damage that occurs due to a natural peril like wind, hail, or fire. If your roof has damage from one of these options, you will likely have coverage. Any secondary buildings like sheds or garages on the property will also have coverage for these types of natural disasters. 

Insurance Deductible/Limits

Even if the roof damage qualifroof repairies for coverage under your insurance policy, you may still end up paying some out-of-pocket expenses, depending on your deductible amount and coverage limit. If you haven’t reached the insurance deductible yet, you owe the cost up to that amount before the insurance claim kicks in. Likewise, if the coverage limit is lower than the estimated cost of the roof repair, then you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the excessive costs.


To ensure that the roof damage is covered by your homeowner's insurance, review any exclusions that may apply. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to enact exclusions on wind or hail damage. If roof repair is needed due to either of those factors, you may not have coverage. Always know this information for any policy before agreeing to its terms.

Do you need roof repair, replacement, or installation? For all your roofing needs, contact the professionals at CWC Roofing and Exteriors. They have been assisting the residents for more than 90 years. Visit the website or call (314) 633-5742 today to set up a consultation.

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