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5 Facts About Welding & Metal Fabrication January 12, 2018

Wentzville, St. Charles
5 Facts About Welding & Metal Fabrication , Wentzville, Missouri

Welding and metal fabrication are ancient crafts used to create everything from buildings to robots. Chances are, you use welded products every day, including your laptop, car, and cell phone. Although you may know the basics of metal fabrication and welding, there are a few facts that might surprise you. 

5 Interesting Tidbits About Welding & Metal Fabrication 

1. The First Industrial Robot Was Made to Weld 

In 1961, General Motors® began using the Unimate, the world’s first industrial robot. The robot was a two-ton motorized arm used to spot weld. It performed commands which were stored on a magnetic drum. 

2. Welding Drives NASCAR® 

metal fabricationAll vehicles are made with metal fabrication, but NASCAR race cars require over 950 hours of fabrication and welding. Every part is crafted by hand using machine welding. That includes everything from the drive and suspension to the protective driver’s cage. 

3. When Metal Touches in Space It Fuses Together 

In space, when two pieces of uncoated metal touch they instantly weld together in a phenomenon called cold welding. With cold solder, the metallic bonds that hold atoms together bridge the gap to create a single, solid piece of metal. It isn’t possible on earth because the atmosphere creates a layer of oxidization between the two parts. 

4. Welding Dates Back to the Bronze Age 

Small gold circular boxes dating back to the Bronze Age are some of the earliest recorded examples of welding. To make them, two pieces of metal were forge-welded together and hammered to create one piece. 

5. Welding Built Ships in WWII

During the Second World War, new welding technology allowed shipbuilders to build vessels more quickly. The record-holder for the fastest build was the SS Robert E Peary, produced in 1942. It was constructed in 4 days, 15 hours, and 27 minutes. The record still holds today, though the ship was scrapped in 1963. 


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