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3 Helpful Tips for Finding the Right Law Firm to Take Your Case January 12, 2018

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3 Helpful Tips for Finding the Right Law Firm to Take Your Case, Cameron, Missouri

Nearly everyone will need legal counsel at some point in life. Even those who never face criminal charges may have to settle a loved one’s estate or sue a negligent motorist after a collision. When the time comes to hire a lawyer, what should you look for in a law firm, and how can you tell which practices are committed to securing the best possible outcomes for their clients?

How to Pick the Right Law Firm

1. Look for a Firm With Multiple Areas of Expertise

If you vet dozens of local firms because you need help filing a personal injury claim, you shouldn’t have to put in even more work when another legal issue arises. For example, if you face a collections dispute after filing the claim because of mounting medical bills, you should not have to turn to a different firm for guidance. To ensure the lawyers you find can handle all your future needs, look for a practice with extensive experience in a wide range of legal areas.

2. Evaluate Each Firm’s Track Record

law firmFind a law firm that has a long track record of success and a history of satisfied clients. Go online to read testimonials from past clients. If you have friends or family in the area, asking them for a referral is also an option. If a loved one had a positive experience with a particular law firm, chances are, you will, too.

3. Schedule an Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will give you a chance to assess the firm in person, and it will reveal a lot about how they treat their clients. Was the receptionist willing to work around your schedule by offering convenient appointment times? Did the attorney provide a direct means of contact like a cell phone number or email address? The little details can go a long way.


If you are looking for a law firm in northwest Missouri that can meet all of these criteria, turn to the Law Offices of Drew F. Davis. Based in Cameron, their legal team has been practicing in a broad range of areas for more than two decades. You can learn more about the services they provide by visiting their website. To schedule an initial consultation, call (816) 632-7575.  

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