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Hilo Divorce Lawyer Explains Why You Need an Attorney for a Family Court Appearance January 12, 2018

Waiakea Ahupua`a, Hilo
Hilo Divorce Lawyer Explains Why You Need an Attorney for a Family Court Appearance, Hilo, Hawaii

Some family law matters require litigants to attend a family court hearing. Unfortunately, many assume that if the issue is family-related, they do not need to hire a lawyer. Below, divorce lawyer Lucero of The Law Offices of Kathleen Kentish Lucero in Hilo, Hawaii, sheds light on whether you need an attorney for family court and what advantages they can provide.

Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer for Family Law Matters

Guidance From a Skilled Legal Professional

divorce lawyerJust because family law deals with intimate relationships and familial ties doesn't make it a less complicated legal branch. It is just as complex and involved as any other practice area, and you deserve to understand the laws as they apply to your case. An attorney will help you navigate the system at every phase and ensure the law is working in your favor. 

Long-Term Repercussions

Most family court cases revolve around child support, custody, or alimony payments. These are all long-term arrangements that, once established, take court orders and further court action to modify. In other words, much of the subjects addressed in family court involve long-range, binding commitments. You need a legal professional to ensure the future of your family—and your finances—are safe.

Without a Lawyer

Without a legal representative, be it a divorce lawyer or family attorney, you are taking unnecessary chances. The absence of professional help will leave you vulnerable to the opposing party, especially if they are being represented by a lawyer. Also, any court action entails a considerable amount of paperwork that will need to be filed accurately and with the appropriate departments. Your attorney will handle these crucial components for you, which is a major burden off your shoulders during an already stressful time.

If you are facing a family law matter, let The Law Offices of Kathleen Kentish Lucero be your legal voice. With three decades of legal experience, Attorney Lucero serves clients throughout the state of Hawaii. To schedule a consultation with a skilled, experienced divorce lawyer, call Attorney Lucero at (808) 933-1252. Visit her firm online to learn more.

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