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3 Telltale Signs Your Camp Needs IT Service Help January 12, 2018

Downtown Anchorage, Anchorage
3 Telltale Signs Your Camp Needs IT Service Help, Anchorage, Alaska

From gas pipe installation to oil drilling, many industries benefit from setting up camps in remote areas of the Alaskan landscape. For improved comfort, safety, and efficiency of their personnel, it’s important these camps have reliable IT support. Luckily, the IT service specialists at ICE Services in Anchorage know a few ways to tell whether it’s time to upgrade the telecommunications system in your camp.

Three Common Indicators Your Camp Requires IT Service

1. Rise in Security Threats 

Camp personnel and assets should remain secure at all times, and any threats to security should be addressed immediately. If you’ve noticed an uptick in property theft, IT service specialists will install CCTV systems. This way, you can view activity at the site 24/7 on TV monitors. 

2. Slow Internet Speed

From dead zones to seasonal storms, several factors contribute to slow internet speeds. In remote areas, it can be even more difficult to access reliable connections, making it even tougher to communicate with off-site personnel. IT service specialists will install fiber optic cables for faster transmission and uninterrupted service.  

3. Dropped Phone Calls

With fewer cellphone towers, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get cellphone reception in the remote Alaskan wilderness. If the entire camp site is a dead zone for cellular service, IT support staff will upgrade phone capabilities for better coverage and install landlines in each room. This way, residents always have a reliable way to call home. Tower climbers.jpg

If you need advanced, reliable IT services in the Anchorage area, the professionals at ICE Services are more than happy to provide assistance. They have the tools and experience to improve the way your camp communicates with the rest of the world. To schedule a consultation, call (907) 433-6050 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online for a detailed service list.