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How Often Should You Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Services? January 12, 2018

How Often Should You Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?, Great Falls, Montana

Regularly breaking out the vacuum can help keep your home’s carpets looking clean, but it will remove only surface-level dirt. Professional carpet cleaning services get down deep into the fibers to fully clean the material. Knowing how often you should hire a cleaner will help keep your home in a wonderfully fresh state.

There are several factors to consider when deciding how often to hire professional carpet cleaning services. The first and most clear-cut is the carpet’s warranty. To stay under warranty, many brands of carpet require a steam cleaning at least once each year. This is a good starting point, but it’s likely your carpet demands more regular cleaning because of foot traffic and pets.

carpet cleaning serviceCarpets can take quite the beating in a large household. Although there isn’t a surefire correlation between the number of people in a home and how often carpet cleaning services should visit, homes with larger families need cleanings more frequently. Of course, children typically track more dirt through a home than a pair of adults, so homes with kids should aim to schedule a steam cleaning every nine months or so.

Pets, however, can cause that time frame to shorten. With all the cat or dog hair that accumulates over time — not to mention the occasional accident — you’ll want to shave a couple of months off of your initial cleaning estimate. Schedule a professional cleaning every six months to keep your carpet fresh even with pets and rambunctious kids.


There’s no equation to follow when deciding how often to hire professional carpet cleaning services. Using the warranty time frame, foot traffic, and pets as determining factors, however, will help you keep your carpet clean year-round. The experienced and efficient team at Pro Kleen Services in Montana will clean any mess on your carpet in a professional and customer-first manner. Great Falls residents can call (406) 761-7700, and Bigfork residents can call (406) 270-7731. You can also schedule a cleaning online.

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