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What You Should Know Before You Send Your Car in for Transmission Repairs January 12, 2018

Belmont Terrace, Fort Worth
What You Should Know Before You Send Your Car in for Transmission Repairs, Fort Worth, Texas

Your car's transmission system controls gear shifting, which is a key element in driving. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as weird noises when you shift gears, you should bring your vehicle in for transmission repair right away. However, there are some things you have to consider first before having it fixed.

What to Consider Before Getting Transmission Repairs

Make sure you have a transmission problem before you start panicking. Bear in mind that a “check engine” light doesn't necessarily mean your car's transmission has an issue. However, rough gear shifting, delayed engagement, gear slipping, and fluid leaks are symptoms that should not be ignored.

transmission repairDo your research and look for auto shops that specialize in transmission repair. Once you bring your car in, they will test drive it in an attempt to reproduce the issues you're experiencing. From there, an expert technician can determine whether your vehicle's transmission needs to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced.

Questions to Ask 

How Many Transmissions Has The Mechanic Fixed?

There's a big difference between a mechanic that has repaired one transmission and one that has fixed 40. Your car's transmission is a series of complex mechanisms and should be handled by experienced hands if you want to avoid further problems.

How Much Will It Cost?

This repair job is expensive, especially if the transmission has to be replaced or rebuilt. Make sure you receive the correct diagnosis so you can start preparing your budget.

Does It Come With a Warranty?

Make sure you're covered if something goes wrong. A reputable auto shop will offer a service guarantee for the job, which is a sign they're confident of their repairs.


Your car deserves the professional services of a reliable auto repair shop like J & S Transmissions and Performance in Fort Worth, TX. This company boasts highly trained mechanics specializing in transmission repairs and engine rebuilds. Call them at (817) 501-0455 or check out their website to learn more about their services.

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