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Landscape Design Company Shares 5 Winter Lawn Care Tips January 11, 2018

Farm Pond, Charlotte
Landscape Design Company Shares 5 Winter Lawn Care Tips, Charlotte, North Carolina

If you want a beautiful summer lawn, you don’t have to wait for the spring thaw to start cultivating it; now is the time to act. A landscape design company knows what your yard needs through the cold months to keep it healthy. Below, Genesis Landscaping Contracting & Design, of Charlotte, NC, shares some steps that will ensure a healthy, vibrant lawn come spring.

Landscape Design Company Shares 5 Winter Lawn Care Tips

1. Fertilize

One of the earliest winter lawn-care chores to take care of is fertilization and aeration. This will give your grass the food and air it needs. However, this should be done before the season’s first freeze. If you’ve already missed it this year, keep it in mind for next year.

2. Seed with Cool-Weather Grass

If you want your lawn to look great all year, you can seed it with grass that thrives in cooler weather. Varieties like St. Augustine grass stay green, even in low temperatures. You can use a fertilizer spreader to scatter the seed across your lawn. If you’re not sure of the best option, a landscape design company can help you select the optimal seed.

3. Cut It Short

As the weather grows colder, lower your lawn mower’s blade so you can cut your lawn shorter and shorter without shocking it. Cutting it close for winter will help protect your lawn from freezing, disease, or smothering.

Landscape Design4. Keep It Clean

If your lawn is left with a blanket of fallen autumn leaves, it can trap moisture from autumn rain and create prime conditions for mold growth. Raking up all the debris from your lawn before winter snows can help keep your grass healthy.

5. Stay off It

When there’s excessive foot traffic on your lawn through the winter, it can damage the dormant grass, which may not revive come spring. If you keep your lawn safe from feet, vehicle tires, toys, and debris, it should grow back healthy and green when the spring rains come.

Are you looking for a great landscape design company to help you care for your lawn through the winter? If so, Genesis Landscaping Contracting & Design can help. They have the expertise to create both landscaping and hardscaping. They can care for your plants, provide proper irrigation, and create beautiful outdoor rooms. Contact them today at (704) 536-6992 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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