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Long Distance Movers Share 3 Tips for Shipping a Vehicle Overseas February 12, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
Long Distance Movers Share 3 Tips for Shipping a Vehicle Overseas, Ewa, Hawaii

Relocating is inherently stressful, and when you have to ship your vehicle as well as your other belongings, it becomes exponentially more complicated. If you turn to the right long-distance movers, such as M. Dyer & Sons in Honolulu, HI. the process should be smooth and easy. Of course, even the best movers could use a little help from their clients—here, the friendly team lists a few of the best tips for sending a car overseas.

3 Tips From Experienced Long-Distance Movers for Shipping Your Car Overseas

1. Clean the Car & Remove All Personal Items

To prevent any damage en-route, you should clean both the inside and outside of the vehicle before shipping it. This includes removing any dirt and debris from the wheel wells, wiping down the tires, and vacuuming the upholstery.

When cleaning the inside of the vehicle, make sure you remove all personal items, too, including garage door openers, detachable GPS units, and phone chargers. The only items that should be left in the vehicle prior to shipment are the floor mats, tire jack, and spare tire. Please note that federal law prohibits the transportation of hazardous materials, firearms, fireworks, and agricultural products inside vehicles.

2. Check the Brakes, Fluid Levels, & Electronics

moversThe brakes must be in good condition, and the gas tank should be no more than 25% full. You should also check the other fluids throughout the vehicle and make sure there are no leaks. As far as the car’s electronics go, you should disconnect the alarm system. Depending on the destination, you may be advised to disconnect the battery, as well.

3. Note Any Modifications

If you have made any modifications to the vehicle, the long-distance movers will want to know about them. It is possible to ship most modified vehicles, but the movers will need to account for any size adjustments to provide an accurate quote and ensure there will be enough space on the barge. If you lowered the vehicle at some point, you should also make sure it has at least four inches of ground clearance before shipping it.

After doing all of the above, you simply need to provide the movers with one set of all keys for the vehicle. If you live in Hawaii and are ready to plan a move to the mainland, turn to M. Dyer & Sons. Based in Pearl City on Oahu, they are proud to provide moving help to clients throughout the entire state, including those on Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai. You can learn more about relocating vehicles by visiting their website. To arrange a long-distance shipment, call (808) 456-4200. 

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