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3 Little-Known Benefits of Massage Therapy January 11, 2018

Middletown, Orange
3 Little-Known Benefits of Massage Therapy, Middletown, New York

While most everyone is aware that massage therapy is great for easing sore muscles and enabling relaxation, there are numerous other benefits associated with it. Accordingly, the team at Dolson Avenue Medical recommends massage to patients in Middletown, NY, as a treatment for a wide range of issues. From pain management to holistic treatments aimed at healing body and mind, this clinic is well-known for safe and effective treatments capable of vastly improving your quality of life.

How Does Massage Therapy Benefit Your Body?

1. Boosts Your Immune System

Manual manipulation helps increase blood flow, which, in turn, has been shown to boost white blood cells. These cells are integral to help the body fight off disease and illness, and massage is a good way to do so using natural healing methods. This is important during the cold winter months when illnesses are especially rampant.

2. Mitigates Chronic Pain

massage therapyPeople with chronic pain often face a diminished quality of life. As a result, finding a suitable treatment is crucial for both reducing pain and improving mobility. A massage is a good option in this sense, as it can address chronic pain issues without harmful side effects; some pain relief methods, such as prescription medication, can impact health negatively and result in dependency issues.

3. Decreases Headaches

For people who are afflicted with frequent headaches, finding the right treatment can be challenging. Massage therapy helps ease tension within the neck, which is associated with the onset of headaches. Additionally, this treatment does not entail taking potentially hazardous pain killers, which can cause a range of serious complications to your liver or kidneys if taken for an extended length of time.

Regardless of whether you need pain or stress relief, massage therapy can be an effective health care tool. The physical therapy specialists at Dolson Avenue Medical want you to feel your absolute best no matter what. Learn more about this Middletown clinic by calling (845) 342-0000 today. You can also visit their website for more information on the many benefits of massage therapy.

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