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What Certifications Are Required for Court Reporting? January 12, 2018

Wallingford, New Haven County
What Certifications Are Required for Court Reporting?, Wallingford, Connecticut

To be successful in court reporting, you must possess certain skills and training and be well-versed in the accepted standards. In Wallingford, CT, A Plus Reporting Service is known for their commitment to detail and accuracy. Their team discusses the basic components of what it takes to be an industry professional, including information on the necessary certifications.

A Guide to the Required Skills & Experience 

1. Registered Professional Reporter

The National Court Reporters Association offers different designations regarding court reporting, which are largely based on experience. Hopefuls must first become registered professional reporters. This entails a skills and knowledge test, which determines how much you know about the profession and related technologies. To pass, you must receive a score of 95% or greater.

2. Certified Broadcast Captioner

court reportingA certified broadcast captioner takes real-time comments and transcribes them to the screen. This is useful, for instance, to video depositions, to accommodate those who are hard of hearing. Further, this area of court reporting requires a written and skills test and a passing score of 70% or higher.

3. Certified Video Legal Specialist

Legal videographers play an important role within the justice system. Candidates must first attend a seminar followed by a multiple-choice test featuring up to 100 questions. You’ll also need to prove your abilities by participating in a mock session, which is often referred to as a production examination.

Are you interested in court reporting? The trusted team at A Plus Reporting Service has forged a reputation for professionalism and a dedication to detail and efficiency. They serve all of Connecticut and the United States, offering everything from transcriptions to video depositions. Find out how you can join this top-rate service by calling (203) 269-9976 today. You can also visit the business online to access a convenient contact form.  

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