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Why Winter's Timber Harvest Is Still the Best for Lumber Buyers January 10, 2018

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Why Winter's Timber Harvest Is Still the Best for Lumber Buyers, Middlefield, Ohio

In the past, lumber buyers had to wait for winter, as it was the time when timber harvesting occurred. People were too busy with farming and other tasks during the warmer season. Nowadays, people have the resources to conduct logging activities all year. However, research has found a possible deeper reason to winter logging. As it turns out, winter weather is the ideal time for cutting and harvesting trees. Below, the professionals at Trumbull County Hardwoods in Middlefield, OH, explain why. 

Why Timber Harvest Is Ideal for Cooler Months

It is common knowledge in the lumber industry that timber cut during the cooler months is less likely to develop sap stain and other infections. This is because fungi can’t tolerate low to freezing temperatures. This was also backed by a recent study from Michigan State University Extension.

lumber buyersAccording to their research, when the ground is frozen or packed with snow, it can minimize soil damage associated with logging. Minimal soil damage paves the way to healthy tree stand conditions, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of “skinning” – a term used when the bark is knocked off a tree. Skinning is what creates the entry points for fungal spores. Therefore, harvesting in cooler months produces more desirable timber for lumber buyers.

What Lumber Buyers Should Consider About Timber Harvesting in Winter

Although timber harvesting is best done in the winter, it could have a negative impact on the environment. Constructed skid trails can inhibit water movement and cause temporary ponding, leading to soil erosion. However, this can be avoided by cutting cross drainages in the trails after harvesting. In some instances, winter harvesting can also be hazardous to wildlife and endangered animals. This could mean loggers need to carefully manage their activities in certain land areas or refrain from logging altogether. These are things lumber buyers should assess before doing business with a timber supplier.

Lumber buyers who need quality lumber can count on Trumbull County Hardwoods. They provide the finest green hardwoods, wood slabs, veneer logs, or kiln-dried lumber in the Northeast Ohio area. The company also offers premium lumber services, including timbering and forestry management. Visit the website or call (440) 632-0555 for additional information.

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