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Why Having Treestand Safety Gear Is a Top Priority January 10, 2018

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Why Having Treestand Safety Gear Is a Top Priority, Garfield, Michigan

Considering the terrain, wildlife, and all the other unpredictable variables of hunting, staying safe requires preparation. This extends to the use of treestands, which call for their own unique type of safety gear. Traverse City, MI's Hurricane Safety Systems, LLC is the area's foremost authority and source for treestands and all the related safety equipment. Here they highlight the importance of having the proper gear on hand. 

A Guide to Treestand Safety Gear

Know Your Essential Equipment

treestand74% of accidents occur during the transition to or from a treestand, so the more you can do to guide and support that transition, the better. Before you begin climbing, use a high-quality harness. This essential piece of safety gear attaches to the tree and prevents falls. Full body harnesses are best. Inspect them before each use and replace them if you notice significant signs of wear.

You can further decrease the likelihood of falling with safety equipment that enhances the treestand as well. Some items are designed to provide a wide and easily adjustable platform for a more spacious and stable perch. The same amount of care should be put into the climbing sticks you purchase—any degree of additional confidence in your climb is a worthwhile investment. 

The Difference Quality Gear Makes

The technology involved in today's treestand safety gear is always advancing. There's no reason to settle for anything less than top quality. For the most effective results, seek out steps and sticks designed to work in a variety of weather conditions, with non-slip surfaces that promote superior traction when it's wet and slippery outside. When transitioning from the climbing stick to the treestand, you'll want quality handles, preferably with wide placement to help you see where you're going during your ascent and descent. 

You can never be too thorough or picky when choosing safety gear for your next hunt. If your outing involves a treestand, eliminate unnecessary risks with the assistance of Hurricane Safety Systems, LLC. From fatigue-reducing Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks™ to the unparalleled stability of the Treestand Powerstep™, they have everything you need for a safe and successful day in the wild. Head to their website or call (231) 935-4049 for more information about the company and their products.

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