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3 Signs You Need Roof Repair or Replacement January 9, 2018

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3 Signs You Need Roof Repair or Replacement, Amherst, Ohio

Home damage can happen fast, especially during inclement weather. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to know when you need roof repair, which is why learning the signs of damage is so important. Here are three indicators repairs or a replacement are needed, so you can act quickly and protect your home and family. 

Top 3 Signs the Roof Needs Servicing

1. Visibly Damaged Shingles 

When looking at the roof, you should see overlapping shingles that appear uniform in color, size, and texture. If these shingles are missing, broken, warped, or curling, request roof repair as soon as possible. Professional technicians will remove the damaged pieces, check the underlayment, and place panels of new shingles to keep the house watertight. 

2. Granules in the Guttersroof repair

Asphalt shingles are made by using a binder to attach aggregates to a special fiberglass underlayment. Unfortunately, sunlight can eventually cause the binder to lose its elasticity, allowing the aggregates to roll into the gutters. If you notice granules in the gutters, it might be a sign that the shingles need to be replaced. 

3. Indoor Water Leaks

Whenever indoor water leaks are present, your home needs to be checked right away for roofing problems. Damaged shingles, bent flashing, and even gutter damage can allow water to leak into the attic and onto the ceiling, leading to issues like stains and indoor mold growth. Fortunately, roof repair professionals can identify and repair leaky areas, protecting the home’s value and indoor air quality. 


Whether you need roof repairs or a replacement, the professionals at Farley's Roofing in Elyria, OH, will help. With more than two decades of experience and a team that truly takes pride in their work, these roofers will ensure your home remains safe and damage-free. For more information on the services they offer, visit them online, and call (440) 322-1142 to schedule an appointment today.

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