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5 Tips From Your Plumber for Cleaning a Drain January 9, 2018

Forest Hill Village, Flathead
5 Tips From Your Plumber for Cleaning a Drain, Forest Hill Village, Montana

A dirty, clogged, or smelly drain can be a serious problem in either your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Thankfully, there are a few ways to fix this issue. Try these home remedies for drain repair, or call a plumber with any serious or recurring problems.

How to Fix Your Drain

1. Brine

Treating your drains with salt water is a great way to prevent clogs before they even happen. Not only does brine help prevent grease buildup, but it will also eliminate strong sink odors, which may be making your kitchen or bathroom unpleasant.

plumber2. Plunger

If a clog forms, plungers are a simple tool for busting them up. Use a cup plunger (the classic red rubber variety) for your sink, or a flange plunger (the kind with a narrowed end) for your toilet.

3. Baking Soda & Vinegar

If you’re facing a stubborn clog, you already have the remedy right in your kitchen. Pour half a cup of baking soda into your drain, and then follow it up with half a cup of vinegar, and end with a stream of boiling water. The chemical action of these ingredients will break up clogs without damaging your pipes and will also help with drain odors.

4. Heavy Duty Options

If the above steps don’t get rid of your problem, it’s time for a trip to the hardware store. Look for chemical drain cleaners, which are designed for the type of pipes in your home. You can also buy or rent a drain snake to physically push through the blockage.

5. Call a Plumber

If all else fails, if you’re worried about your pipes, or if you simply don’t want to deal with the drain yourself, call a local plumbing service. Their professional help will get your sink working in no time and help you avoid any damage to your plumbing.


If you’re dealing with a blocked drain, there are several ways to push past the problem. Opt for a DIY solution or call a plumber today and enjoy the benefits of a working sink. Wild West Plumbing Heating & Drain Service provides the entire Flathead Valley region of Montana with fast, competent plumbing services. If you need a plumber for clogs, leaks, sump pumps, and septic systems, this family-owned and -operated local business can help. To schedule a visit, call them at (406) 752-1244 or send a message online.

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